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My name is Ian and I would like to welcome you to Thrive With Ian.

Many people in the UK suffer mental health issues.  These include Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Low Self Esteem, Phobias, Lack of Self Confidence, and many more problems.

Add to this the huge number of people who are just not enjoying life as much as they could – not thriving.  Watching other people having a good time and only feeling able to stand on the outside looking in is a very lonely experience.  I know, I did it for years! 

It is common for people to believe there is nothing they can do and the best they can hope for is medication to dull the pain.  But this is not true!

The Thrive Programme was developed from many years of research and clinical experience and through it you can learn how to overcome your hurdles and really enjoy life.

You will learn how limiting beliefs hold you back and thinking styles cause your symptoms.  There really is nothing ‘wrong’ with you, it’s just a case of training your mind in a more positive, realistic, manner.

I spent many years putting up with anxiety and depression and taking medication that simply suppressed the worst symptoms.  I then learnt that I am normal and all I had to do was retrain my mind.  Sounds simple? – It is.

I can teach you to thrive in as little as 6 to 8 sessions and you won’t look back.  The Thrive Programme doesn’t focus just on your symptoms, but it homes in on your psychological foundations, essential for a thriving life.  You will feel great and, better still, you will have done this yourself.

It’s not magic and there is no jargon or mumbo jumbo, but a well developed training programme.

Visit my website, to learn more and arrange a free consultation. Or phone me on 07857 307744.

I look forward to hearing from you and remember you have nothing to lose and a great life to gain. 

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