The North West Air Ambulance Charity is your local air ambulance service. Its helicopters fly 365 days a year, with the doctors and paramedics on board to provide rapid treatment and hospital transfers to patients across the entire North West.

Whether flying to the region’s busy motorways, remote countryside or city centres, the charity covers an area of 5,500 square miles and provides an urgent, lifesaving service to the eight million residents and visitors to the North West every day. 

The need for the North West Air Ambulance Charity has never been greater, with specialist medical care becoming centred in fewer locations. There is an increasing urgency and importance in getting patients over longer distances to the most appropriate places for treatment. The charity’s three helicopters are based at Blackpool Airport and Manchester Barton Heliport, allowing rapid access to a wide range of incidents and an average response time of just 14 minutes from call-out to arrival on scene.

Just as many critically injured patients would not survive without the service that the charity provides, the North West Air Ambulance Charity would not be here without the support of its community of fundraisers and partners. It is reliant on public and corporate donations to keep its helicopters in the air and helping to save lives and needs to raise millions every year to stay operational.

Any donation, no matter how large or small, can make a huge difference to a patient’s outcome and help to save lives. For example, £9 could fuel a helicopter for one minute in the air, and £13,500 could fuel one of the charity’s aircraft for an entire month.

There are so many ways you can get involved – whether donating quality used goods to one of the North West Air Ambulance Charity’s eight charity stores, volunteering your time to help with fundraising events or joining more than 80,000 people across the region who play the charity’s weekly Lift Off Lotto.

Time is precious; with your help we can make every second count. For more information on how to can support us, please visit or call 0800 587 4570.

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