KMW offers a wide range of training and services to support you, your team and your business.

Our mission is to create a one stop shop for all your learning and development needs.

We provide flexible and professional training programmes, business services and mentoring that support your company, you and your team whether you have 6000 employees or just you on your own.



I’m Kelly McWilliam and the founder of KMW Training. Having worked within the training and developing arena for over 15 years I still love it Everyone has potential within them. I bring that to the surface and build on it.

I get to make a difference to someone’s company or an individual by teaching knowledge and skills they need to flourish and be the best they can be.

When I reflect on my natural qualities, empirical learning, work experience and studying I clearly saw a pattern emerging.  Being able to connect with people makes it easier for me to help them develop and improve.

Past experience of overcoming the challenges associated with large organisations, with a diverse range of staff, gives me the confidence to deal with a wide range of issues that maybe prevalent in your organisation.

I work with a number of small business owners bringing focus to their business. This has helped them to launch, build and maintain a successful and sustainable business.

Collaborating has taught me the importance of listening, negotiating and compromise for the benefit of the customer.

These experiences and skills come together to offer you support, reduce conflict and help you improve performance by increasing ability which results in more profit.


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