I am a Personal trainer based in The Village Gym, Bromborough and travel around the Wirral training clients and helping them benefit from exercise and fitness.  As a Cystic Fibrosis sufferer fitness and health has been a keen interest and passion of mine.  The knowledge that I have gained, the importance of keeping nutritionally balanced and having an active lifestyle is what I pass on to clients. As a Personal Trainer my aim is help my clients reach their goal in the most efficient and innovative way to keep it fun and enjoyable.

I offer gym and functional based training in the Village Gym in Bromborough, home visits, boot camps, diet plans and online programmes.  Whatever your goal, it can be achieved with the correct programming and atmosphere. 

As a personal trainer I see all types of different people with various goals and views on how they would like to improve their health and fitness – I try to bring about new and innovative ways in which my clients train and promote sustainable health and fitness through correct stretching, strict form, perfect posture, strong core and educating on nutrition. I mention goals often in my training as throughout my life time each goal I have had has given me something to aim for and once a goal has been chosen it makes training and planning a lot easier.   From my own experience I wished I had somewhere or someone to offer advice of the importance of exercise and how that could drastically improve my life in all areas.

One programme does not fit all when it comes to exercise, everybody is an individual who are good at certain things and struggle with others.  With a personal programme based around specific goals, your time periods and individual factors, you will be training in the correct way best suited to you.


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