When you train with us you are guaranteed on-going support!

96% of all start up businesses are gone in 5 years. The Reason? They fail to get professional help.

You don’t expect to get in a car for the first time and just start to drive with no lessons at all. You may have watched your parents driving when you were growing up but doing it yourself is very different. It’s the same with Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Through a combination of easy to follow, hands-on workshops at one of our local training centres and 1-2-1 training at your home or office, John Jelly will guide you through the journey to mastering the Internet to effectively promote your business. Whether you want to get better results from Facebook and Twitter or become super efficient at Email Marketing or Blogging, there will be training suited to you.

Each workshop is tailored to your business so you not only learn how something works but how to apply what you learn to your business. You get on-going support through our exclusive Facebook group, email and the option to attend a face-to-face meeting once per month.  In our experience, these elements are missing in the services provided by other companies. We want you to be a success, to build a sustainable business for you and your family. That means we need to support you after your initial training to help you apply that knowledge appropriately.

Our lead trainer comes from an IT foundation in the corporate world which she translated into running a successful small business for over 12 years. In 2015 she dedicated her time to being a full-time Digital Trainer to share those skills so other small business owners could benefit from her experience and training.

There is always a full list of Digital and Social Media workshops and courses on the website and you are always welcome to ask for others. If you want to grab a coffee to discuss whether a workshop or one-2-one training is best for you call Jan on 07986 29 09 74 and she’ll sort something out.


Jan Kiermasz

Digital Trainer and Consultant

John Jelly

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