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In my role as a Thrive Consultant I deliver the Thrive Programme to my clients to enable them to become resilient in their personal, social and their business or work life.  The Thrive Programme is an evidence based learning programme. This helps people to adjust their psychological foundations which includes their sense of power and control over their experiences and how they feel about themselves (their self- esteem) and therefore overcome their issues, problems, anxiety, stress, panic, fears and phobias amongst other symptoms.

I love working with my clients on a 1-1 basis, delivering training and workshops, working with individuals or groups within businesses, charities or organisations.

Having completed my psychotherapy and hypnotherapy training in 2004 I set out to build my private practice in Hereford where I was living at the time. During that 10 years I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and train as a Thrive Consultant.

My husband and I moved back to Wirral in 2013. My work has evolved and expanded into coaching, training and mentoring individual employees, groups of employees from all kinds of businesses including people who are just starting up or already running their own businesses.

My passion is empowering people to make changes, enabling them to develop personally towards resilience which in turn also leads to business resilience.


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Pat Harland


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