Arbonne has been trading since 1980. This after the founder and visionary Petter Morck spent 5 years in Switzerland formulating vegan based skin care products which are ‘pure safe and beneficial’.

All products skincare, cosmetics and nutrition are ‘Vegan Certified’. This makes them suitable for users who require a botanical product which has no common allergens.

I share products with friends and colleagues who use them at home and when they like the products, I show them how to order online.

The ‘Phytosport’ nutrition range is certified by Informed Sports as suitable for all people who love activity at all levels from casual walking to Olympic standard.

Arbonne is currently available in 7 countries, United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Poland, New Zealand, and Taiwan. In 2018 Arbonne products will be available in Germany. Independent Consultants can earn a residual income, by building a business in any of those countries.

Preferred Clients (products lovers who want to buy at a discount) but are not interested in building a business, for a small annual fee, get discounts of between 20% and 40%.

For those looking for ‘Plan B’, either to move away from the corporate world or have more time with their family, Arbonne offer the opportunity to build a business part time with earnings which can replace a corporate salary. The opportunity is equal for everyone irrespective of background, education or age. It is an effort based business.

I am building a legacy for my family and others in the world less fortunate than myself.

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